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02 April 2011

What are the essential French phrases to know?

 Eiffel Tower, Paris

These are "essential" if you want to find romance in France.
From Caroline O'Connell's book Every Woman's Guide to Romance in Paris.

French / English

Tres poetique.  Very poetic.
Tres romantique.  Very romantic.
C'est long sans toi.  The time passes slowly without you.
J'ai envie de te caresser.  I have the desire to caress you.
Je me jette a vos pieds.  I throw myself at your feet.
Je ne peux vivre sans toi.  I can't live without you.
Je t'adore.  I adore you.
Je t'aime.  I love you.
Je te bois des yeux.  I drink you with my eyes.
Je t'embrasse partout.  I kiss you all over.
Je reve de toi.  I dream of you.
Mon amour.  My love.
Mon cheri.  My dear.
Nous sommes faits pour nous entendre.  We are made to be together.
Tu es beau.  You are handsome.
Tu es belle.  You are beautiful.
Tu es rayonnante.  You are radiant.
Tu me fais craquer.  You shatter my heart.
Tu me manques.  I miss you.

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